Thursday, February 4, 2010


When we go to school, we met new people. We not just learn the scholastic thingy, but we also learn, communication, relationship, playing and so on. Yes, we do need to pass the paper examination, but the most important part is we need to pass our relationship, communication and dealing with people exam. This is the vital part because, by passing this we able to coupe with variety of people in this world. This is world is not our parent to pamper us day and night. It's crook who's waiting us to slip and fall.

Such a strange when I'm writing this post. But this is the truth, yesterday, when I do facing this funny, complicated conflict within my office mates, it's a remembrance of old school days. Thanks to Allah, I learn something from those days and implemented it for today's life. I'm not an excellent stud who's read books 24x7 and scores straight As. I'm just lazy boy from an ordinary neighborhood who's playing soccer during rainy days.

I learn many things from my laziness history. Books don't tell us how to win your friends, its also don't tell us why people kick our butt. Life, your real life does. So learn every single thing in your life for better future. Don't miss a thing. ;-p

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