Saturday, July 10, 2010

History of Whistle

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Ask anyone today what a whistle is, and they'll probably say it's a utilitarian device, for attracting attention if you need help; for warning people of danger; or for bringing people to attention. Yet the fact is, for almost the whole of recorded history the whistle was a cheap, popular musical instrument. The man who changed the world's perception of the whistle was Joseph Hudson.
Joseph Hudson was a Brummie toolmaker and amateur violinist. Like John Baskerville, he was one of those people who have an inexplicable passion that leads them to do great things. Joseph Hudson's passion was whistles. He had two vital insights: that the whistle had the potential to be a useful device; and that the usefulness of a whistle, in making a sound that carried a long way, or in penetrating though background noise, for example, depended not so much on its loudness as on the quality of the sound that it made. 

Preet..!!! Preet..!!!
After further refinements, in 1884, Joseph Hudson introduced the world's most successful football whistle,  the Acme Thunderer, which was the world’s first pea whistle and has proved to be the world's all-time best selling whistle, still selling in huge quantities over a century later to referees, train guards and attention seekers the world over.

We should be grateful for contributions made by Joseph Hudson. More Stories klik here.

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