Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding : Prince William & Catherine Middleton

Petang tadi berlangsung perkahwinan Di Raja antara Pince William (28) dan Catherine Middleton (29). Ramai yang tengok rasanya. Ada yang menganggarkan seramai 2 bil seluruh dunio menonton majlis yang gilang-gemilang nih. Al-maklumlah zaman teknologi tinggi, semua ade tipon dan tv kan..tu pasal le ramai yang dapat tengok...

Meh layan gambo2 Prince Will & Kate yang sangat suweettt tuh...




So perfect! So classic! Be still, my beating heart.

 So far, 79% think it’s “an instant classic”

Alexander McQueen gown designer Sarah Burton adjusts Kate’s dress as she arrives with her father. (Getty Images)
Kate’s royal wedding gown revealed

Catherine Middleton, holding the hand of her father Michael, gives Prince William a big smile while joining him at the altar.
Slideshow: The Royal Wedding

It’s all fun and games till someone screws up the royal curtsey.

The look.

ha nilah yang dok di tunggu2..nengok kat twitter, ramai yang dok tweet bilalah derang nak cemolot kissing kan...malulah derang kan...ramai yang nengok tu...hehehe.... ala... nak malu ape..dah kawin pun..akekeke..

Coulda used a few more seconds?
VIDEO: Prince William, bride celebrate with a kiss
 Royal Kiss

CK: Kebetulan plak same birthday ngan adik ipar. Hepi Besday Daniel

pics semua kidnap kat sini...hehe :)


  1. hYe!
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  2. So i got a dvd of the recent royal wedding and just shuffled through it, planning to watch it later. But i couldn't spot Prince Harry's 'Best man speech', although i did catch Kate's brother's speech. Wondering if anyone could tell me when exactly did Harry give the speech? On the ceremony or after it?? If you could be more precise( like after a particular song, or after the vows etc) it would be very helpful. Thanks so much!!!